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Water & Wastewater Treatment Plant Maintenance

FVOP offers routine and emergency maintenance for water and wastewater treatment plants.

Types of Water/Wastewater Maintenance Services

Sewer Cleaning

Our high-pressure water jets, in combination with vacuum units, clears debris from lines and keeps everything flowing in the right direction. Our staff can also power wash and clean municipal sewage lift stations.

Community Drinking Maintenance

We can provide solutions to iron, hardness, corrosion, and disinfection issues. We offer valve and hydrant exercise programs, and we can improve, repair, or replace chemical feed systems.

Community Drinking Water Testing

FVOP can assist your community with drinking water and wastewater testing and plant maintenance. We can provide sampling and bacteria analysis. We can also provide sampling for other analytes such as lead and copper, disinfection by products, and PFAS/PFOS.

Collection System Maintenance

FVOP provides all the necessary routine services to operate and maintain a sewer system. Services include keeping all equipment in good working order and inspecting and maintaining transmission pumping stations.

Water & Wastewater Maintenance

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Our Expertise

FVOP experts assist clients throughout the entire water cycle – from water to wastewater – so your community can flow efficiently and effectively.

State-Certified Water/Wastewater Operators

FVOP staff is certified by the state to operate your facility. Our operators carry a variety of certifications, including municipal water and wastewater, as well as commercial/industrial wastewater.

In addition to being certified by the state, our staff provides leadership, technical training, maintenance services, and plant optimization assistance. They are backed by senior leaders and a team of engineers, scientists, architects, and construction experts.

Routine Maintenance

FVOP has decades of experience with routine maintenance. We make recommendations and assist in routine maintenance and repairs on water and wastewater systems.

Complete Reporting Services

FVOP staff provide complete reporting services including filling out report forms for you to mail in and retain appropriate records as required by law. FVOP’s expertise when it comes to reports, such as the Michigan EGLE report, and how they’ll fill out forms for clients that comply with regulations. 

FVOP Team Member Near Water Tower

Why Partner with FVOP?

FVOP is a full-service operations, facility and resource management, and operator training and assistance firm. FVOP has expertise with treatment systems with capacities ranging from 0.01 MGD to over 1.7 BGD, utilizing a variety of treatment techniques and technologies.

Water Treatment Facility Piping

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