FVOP provides professional operations staff with expertise in drinking water treatment and distribution, wastewater treatment and collections, technical services, and maintenance. Learn how we can assist you.

Operations Services for Municipal & Industrial Plants

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Drinking Water Treatment and Distribution Operations

FVOP staff experts and leaders in treatment and distribution services. We oversee public water supplies, providing full-service water system operations. This includes flushing hydrants, managing elevated storage towers, making water service connections, exercising valves, and repairing watermain breaks.

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Water & Wastewater Treatment & Collections

FVOP has dozens of wastewater operators who excel in wastewater treatment and collections. This includes inspecting treatment equipment and machinery, monitoring meters, testing wastewater samples, and operating & maintaining the equipment during treatment.

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Water & Wastewater Maintenance

Technical Services

FVOP provides a variety of technical services to complement and support the needs of treatment plant facilities. This includes evaluations, emergency response plans, permitting, structural review, water reliability studies, and much more.

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FVOP offers routine and emergency maintenance as a benefit to our water and wastewater clients. These services range from reactive to preventative to predictive maintenance, and more!

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Why Choose FVOP for Operations?

Experience the difference of having great communication, reliable resources, and passionate people that will put your water/wastewater plant needs at ease. Put FVOP’s expertise to work for you.