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FVOP is a full-service operations, facility and resource management, and operator training and assistance firm. We provide a variety of services to complement and support the needs of treatment plant facilities.

Types of Treatment Plant Consulting Services

Technical Support

FVOP offers various forms of technical support, including:

  • Clean water infiltration/inflow evaluations: During wet weather events, inflow and infiltration can increase sewer flows dramatically, leading to sewer overflows and unpermitted discharges. FVOP can help by evaluating sewer systems, determining the quantity of inflow and infiltration, determining their sources, and providing guidance to determine a cost-effective correction plan.
  • Emergency response plans: Emergency response plans lay out a series of steps your community will need to ensure employees safety and minimize the impact on critical operations need during a critical event, such as a fire or unexpected damage at a treatment facility. FVOP staff can help communities evaluate the existing water and wastewater treatment plant emergency response plans and regulations to ensure compliance.
  • Feasibility studies: Feasibility studies are used to determine the feasibility and cost of supplying water that meets the drinking water quality standards to their customers. Wastewater feasibility studies systematically quantify all the costs/benefits of improvements at a wastewater treatment facility. FVOP experts can help communities with both studies.
  • Full design services: We have one of the largest process engineering staffs and an experienced team that uses the latest technology to design and build water and wastewater treatment plans. Whether we’re designing an entirely new system or updating older technologies, we provide state-of-the-art, energy-efficient, and cost-effective solutions that protect the community and improve our world’s environment.
  • Hydraulics and process review and modeling: Hydraulics and process review and modeling assists with both day-to-day operations and future planning in water and sewer systems. FVOP can help municipalities in gathering crucial information to help them rank their infrastructure needs and decide how to allocate funds.
  • Industrial Pretreatment Program (IPP): FVOP works with you to achieve facility compliance, protect the environment, and establish appropriate limits for use while safeguarding your infrastructure. Complete IPP services include:
    • Auditing programs
    • Developing local limits
    • Providing expert witnesses
    • Inspecting industrial users
    • Maximum Allowable Headworks Loading (MAHL)
    • Developing permits
    • Wastewater treatability
  • Permitting (NPDES, Groundwater Discharge, Water and Wastewater Construction, EGLE/USACE): FVOP has a thorough knowledge of agencies to assist with compliance maintenance and issues, including regulatory and permit compliance.
  • Vulnerability assessments: The federal Safe Drinking Water Act requires a vulnerability assessment for water systems serving a population great than 3,301 persons. FVOP can help communities with a comprehensive review of physical assets.

Treatment Plant Operations: Support & Training

FVOP offers training and support for operations needs. FVOP provides technical training to certified operators and those working toward certification, including entry level and junior staff. We can train your staff to make sure the equipment and processes used to treat water and wastewater are being followed and staff are operating in a safe manner. FVOP also helps facilities by cross training all operations staff to provide more efficient operation and maintenance of our client’s facilities.

Clean Water Compliance Services

FVOP has a thorough knowledge of agencies to assist with compliance maintenance and issues, including regulatory and permit compliance. We have experience and experts in complying, fixing, and mitigating compliance issues and requests. We maintain relationships with agencies to help guide you through the process as seamlessly as possible.

Capital & Asset Management Planning

FVOP understands best asset and capital management practices. Our plans encompass day-to-day operation, maintenance, and management activities for facilities that support our approach to safeguard the financial investment of your equipment and facilities. We:

  • Respond quickly to the technical support needs of this project
  • Utilize preventive and proactive maintenance programs to extend the life, performance, reliability, and efficiency of your equipment
  • Strive to perform maintenance in accordance with the equipment manufacturer’s warranty, specifications, and generally accepted industrial standards
  • Draw from FVOP employees experienced in contract operations and asset management
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Our Expertise

Plant Safety

FVOP believes safety is a No. 1 priority and helps water and wastewater facilities. FVOP can help plants maintain a safe environment with safety training and providing safety protocols, including site-specific health, and safety handbooks for each facility we operate. The safety training covers policies and training modules written in accordance with the applicable federal and state regulations governing employee health and safety and maintaining a safe work environment.

Optimization & Troubleshooting

FVOP can help plants optimize efficiency and troubleshoot problems. We have experts in plant optimization and troubleshooting issues who can identify water and wastewater related problems and help you solve them.

Asset Management

Each utility is responsible for making sure that its system stays in good working order, regardless of the age of its components or the availability of additional funds. FVOP has experts in asset management programs who utilize software programs that collect plant asset data including age, condition, and criticality. Our plans include life-cycle costing, proactive operations and maintenance, and capital replacement plans based on cost-benefit analyses.

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FVOP is a full-service operations, facility and resource management, and operator training and assistance firm. FVOP has expertise with treatment systems with capacities ranging from 0.01 MGD to o over 1.7 BGD.

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