Water and Wastewater Operations, Consulting & Maintenance

Operating facilities safely, efficiently, and cost-effectively.

Full-Service Operations for Municipal & Industrial Plants

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Wastewater Treatment & Collections

FVOP offers routine and emergency maintenance for water and wastewater treatment plants. This includes inspecting treatment equipment and machinery, monitoring meters, testing wastewater samples, and operating & maintaining the equipment during treatment.

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Drinking Water Treatment & Distribution

FVOP has developed a team of professionals dedicated to cost-effective drinking water treatment and distribution. We are experts and leaders in overseeing public water supplies, providing full-service water system operations for treatment and distribution.

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Water & Wastewater Maintenance

Water & Wastewater Treatment Plant Maintenance

FVOP offers routine and emergency maintenance as a benefit to our water and wastewater clients. These services range from reactive to preventative to predictive maintenance, and more!

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Compliance & Technical Services

FVOP provides a variety of technical services to complement and support the needs of treatment plant facilities. This includes evaluations, emergency response plans, permitting, structural review, water reliability studies, and much more.

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Operating Facilities Safely & Efficiently in Michigan & Indiana

FVOP improves performance of water and wastewater facilities through optimization studies and evaluations to help communities and commercial/industrial facilities preserve their capital investments and control costs, as well as keep them healthy.

Our approach has always been to represent the technical information, historical background, regulatory compliance issues, and facility interests with precision and accuracy. The resulting data allows us to determine if improvements can be made to energy utilization, water production and distribution, chemical usage, data utilization, wastewater sludge processing and disposal, operator staffing, and warehouse practices and procedures. The study findings will be used to produce realistic recommendations and a plan for their implementation that will improve your water and/or wastewater operation facilities.

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Design. Build. Operate.

We also have internal engineering resources available to our team. The synergy between FVOP and our engineering company Fleis & VandenBrink (F&V) provides the brainpower to look at all system components from both an operations perspective and engineering perspective. The mutual respect encourages open conversation and an interconnected approach to problem solving. All management teams are in the same office with an open office concept and help each other time and again on many projects. 

Additionally, we have a sister company, F&V Construction Management (FVC).  FVC is able to provide construction services from project inception through completion.

Together we ‘Design. Build. Operate.’

More About FVOP

About Us

F&V Operations & Resource Management, Inc. (FVOP) provides full-service operations for clients throughout Michigan and Indiana.

We provide professional operations staff with expertise in drinking water treatment and distribution, wastewater treatment and collections, technical services, and maintenance.

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Join Our Team

Join our hard-working, growth-oriented team. We invest in our staff because they are most valuable asset and the key to protecting the world’s most value asset: water. Investing in our staff is simply smart, and why they’ve helped us become recognized as leaders in the water and wastewater industry.

Culture matters.

Employee core values and practices define the FVOP culture. Staff’s individual beliefs and experiences are influenced by family, friends, and the local communities and businesses where we live, work, and play. Collectively, our staff blends those individual experiences and beliefs into the FVOP culture.

In an industry that isn’t thought of as glamorous, and often feels thankless, we strive to create great culture. Where coming to work is fun and meaningful. Where ‘thank you’ is part of our everyday vocabulary.  Where accomplishments are recognized by leadership. Where you matter.

The FVOP culture statement are words that best describe our company. While our culture was started decades ago, the culture statement today serves as a compass during the evolution of our firm and staff.

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Interested in our leaders and experts helping out with your water and/or wastewater plant? Send us e-mail with the scope of your project and we can send a proposal for our professional fee.

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