Assisting your community

effectively and safely managing your facilities

FVOP provides assistance throughout your community’s entire water cycle – from water to wastewater – so your community can flow efficiently and effectively.

We work with you to serve your community and its needs. In providing the level of service expected by your citizens, we support you with facility maintenance and planning, while looking for cost-saving factors that lower overall annual operating costs.

There are several keys to being effective and responsive to you including:

  • Communicating with you on an ongoing basis to maintain the facilities
  • Operating the facilities efficiently and cost-effectively
  • Minimizing your risk in operating the facilities within the permit requirements and design capabilities
  • Extending the useful life of the facilities through proper maintenance

Our experience and knowledge are integral to developing this partnership while effectively and safely managing your facilities.

Our expertise includes:
Wastewater Collection & Treatment
Water Supply Treatment & Distribution
Industrial Pretreatment
Certified Operators

Wastewater Collection & Treatment

FVOP provides planning, technical training, plant optimization, troubleshooting, energy conservation and sludge management. We have experience with commercial/industrial treatment systems with capacities ranging from 0.01 mgd to 2 bgd.

We have experience with municipal treatment systems with a capacity as small as 0.01 mgd to over 1.7 bgd.

Our staff provides technical expertise in biological, chemical and mechanical systems; and primary, secondary and tertiary treatment. We have experience in the following treatment systems:

  • Activated sludge
  • Aerated lagoon
  • Attached growth
  • Aerobic and anaerobic digestion
  • Chemical treatment Lagoons
  • Membrane biologic reactor
  • Mixed bed biologic reactor
  • Oxidation ditch
  • Rapid infiltration basins
  • Screening/grit removal
  • Sequencing batch reactors
  • Tertiary filtration
  • Wetland systems

We have experience with transmission systems including lift stations, pump stations, and grinder pumps.

Our experts are also available to assist with permit applications, negotiations, capital planning, computer maintenance management systems, odor control, process control audits, laboratory operations audits, energy conservation, sludge reduction/removal strategies, safety, and training.

Water Supply Treatment & Distribution

FVOP assists with the day-to-day treatment and distribution of your community water supply, as well as your facility’s staff.

We are currently serving communities ranging in size from 200 to well over 30,000. Our staff assists in the operations of plants with capacities as small as 0.4 mgd to as large as 5 mgd.

Our treatment experience includes surface and ground water sources, and systems which include:

  • Booster chlorination pump
  • Claricone
  • Disinfection
  • Fluoridation and phosphate treatment Iron removal
  • Lime softening
  • Membrane filtration
  • Ozoneation re-carbonation
  • Reserve osmosis
  • Sand filtration
  • Sedimentation

We have distribution system experience along with managing elevated storage, booster stations, hydrants meters, and valves.

Industrial Pretreatment

Waste discharges from nearby businesses and industries can greatly interfere with the balance of your treatment processes – putting your plant and compliance records at risk. Maximum allowable treatment limits may also prohibit new businesses from coming to your community.

FVOP helps your community maximize your valued assets by establishing appropriate limits for existing non-domestic users which encourages economic growth while protecting your infrastructure.


FVOP assists clients with the operation of stormwater systems in a full range of sizes and complexities.

Our expertise in system inspection, maintenance, monitoring, and reporting, leads to an efficient, optimized system – without sacrificing performance.

FVOP provides an array of services from overseeing operations and best management practice (BMP) technologies to help you achieve compliance with your regulatory permit.

Certified Operators

FVOP staff is certified by the state to operate your facility. Our operators carry a variety of certifications, including municipal water and wastewater, as well as commercial/industrial wastewater.

In addition to being certified by the state, our staff provides leadership, technical training, maintenance services, and plant optimization assistance. They are backed by senior leaders and a team of engineers.