Press Release: FVOP Adds 8 Staffers, Including Senior Project Manager

- Press Release

F&V Operations and Resource Management, Inc. (FVOP) of Grand Rapids announced today the hiring of eight new employees, including a senior project manager for southwest Michigan.

R. Keith Moss comes to FVOP as a senior project manager and was the previous treasurer on the Michigan Water Environment Association’s Board of Directors.

Seven operations specialists were also hired, serving northeastern, southeastern and western Michigan. They are Kirk Tews, Eric Stein, Jordan Frank, Bret Hiveley, Norm Menger, Ben Pank and Zac Schults.

“We are a growth-oriented company and we’re always looking for good people,” said Blair Selover, FVOP group manager. “Our recent hires include a mix of younger operators with lots of growth potential and more senior staff with a lot of experience.”

Tews will work in the eastern Michigan region. Stein and Frank will be working at a regional utility authority in northeast Michigan.

Menger will work for operations in West Michigan. Pank will be working in the eastern Michigan area. Shults will work in southeast Michigan.

Operations specialists assist the FVOP team in operating and maintaining water and wastewater treatment facilities and transmission systems.

FVOP provides operations assistance, management and training throughout Michigan and Indiana for municipal, industrial and environmental systems.

FVOP’s goal is to provide a partnership with their clients in operating their facilities safely and efficiently. FVOP supports its staff through training and on-going certifications to enhance their professional development.