FVOP Adds Five Operations Specialists

- Press Release

F&V Operations and Resource Management, Inc. (FVOP) of Grand Rapids announced today the hiring of five new operations specialists in Michigan and Indiana.

Operations specialists include Todd Sturgis, Drace Taylor, Matt Izzo, Justin Parsons and Patrick Selig.

The five new employees will assist the FVOP team in operating and maintaining water and wastewater treatment facilities and transmission systems.

“We’re always looking for new people,” said Blair Selover, FVOP group manager. “Many of the new hires have either some experience or degrees in related fields. We’re excited about these new hires.”

Sturgis and Taylor will work in southwest Michigan as water and wastewater specialists. Sturgis is a former machine operator and City of Allegan water and sewer department employee. Taylor has water filtration plant experience as a reserve in the Marine Corps.

Izzo, a former service technician, joins the northeast Michigan group, providing water and sewer services.

Parsons and Selig will work in water/wastewater operations in Indiana. Parsons is a former firefighter, outdoor guide and field operations manager. Selig, a former retail department and greenhouse manager and research associate, recently earned his bachelor’s and masters degrees from Indiana University-Purdue University Fort Wayne.

FVOP provides operations assistance, management and training throughout Michigan and Indiana for municipal, industrial and environmental systems.

FVOP’s goal is to provide a partnership with their clients in operating their facilities safely and efficiently. FVOP supports its staff through training and on-going certifications to enhance their professional development.