FVOP Adds 9 Staff to Keep Up With Demand

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F&V Operations and Resource Management, Inc. (FVOP) of Grand Rapids announced today the hiring of nine new employees due to growing client demand in Michigan.

Craig Shumaker, PE, vice president of FVOP, said the company has a critical need for skilled operators and project managers for new projects and expansion of existing projects.

“FVOP staffing has grown more than 30 percent in the past year,” Shumaker said as FVOP pushed past 70 full-time equivalents for the first time. “We’ve been fortunate to continually find great people that are real go-getters and unsung heroes with what they do every day.

“We’ve added a lot of experienced, highly-skilled operators along with entry-level operators and we’re looking for more.”

New FVOP team members include administrative assistant Shawn Glynn and operations specialists Steve Riggs, Joe Liberadzki, Tage Heyn Ray Lowe, Nathan Lytle, Amy Garrow, Nick Robb and Anthony Cochran.

Glynn, who has engineering project experience, will assist FVOP staff in handling records and billing. Her knowledge of Adobe InDesign software will also be beneficial for project proposals and marketing. Glynn has an associate degree from Lansing Community College and was an architecture major at Lawrence Tech University.

Riggs, Liberadzki and Heyn join southeast Michigan operations. Lowe, Lytle, Garrow and Robb join northeast Michigan operations and Cochran joins southwest Michigan operations.

Riggs has previous experience in wastewater treatment plants where he specialized in water and wastewater testing and maintenance.

Liberadzki joins FVOP staff as an operator-in-charge. The Vietnam War veteran has nearly 20 years’ experience as a water/wastewater operator. Heyn is a Michigan State University environmental engineering student and former FVOP intern.

Lowe has utility, mechanical and maintenance experience. He is also a former machine and heavy equipment operator. Lytle has previous water/wastewater operating experience.

Robb is a water/wastewater specialist and is working on his bachelor’s degree in environmental technology at Delta Community College.

Garrow is a former bioenvironmental engineer/federal environmental manager with the Michigan National Guard. She earned her bachelor’s degree from the University of Maryland in environmental management and is working on her masters environmental and waste management.

Cochran has experience as a city Public Works wastewater treatment plant operator, and a village water, sewer and maintenance supervisor in southwest Michigan. He also studied mechanical engineering at Ferris State University.

FVOP provides operations assistance, management and training throughout Michigan and Indiana for municipal, industrial and environmental systems.

The goal of FVOP, which started in 2011, is to provide a partnership with their clients in operating their facilities safely and efficiently. FVOP supports its staff through training and on-going certifications to enhance their professional development.